About us

Our vision

Brisa Foundation wants to become the reliable, expert and influential link between the Dutch Caribbean population in Groningen, the municipality and regular aid organizations. The goal of the foundation is to offer successful support to all the inhabitants of Dutch Caribbean descent in Groningen, in the acquisition, maintenance of independence and successful participation in the society.


Brisa Foundation ensures that the social position of the Dutch Caribbean inhabitants is strengthened and that their self-reliance and resilience are increased. This allows them to determine the direction of their lives and participate fully in society. We do this by providing information, being visible and available for requests for help, advising on requests for help, making research and recommendations, sharing knowledge and experience with our stakeholders when developing policy.

Core principles and starting points

The core principles and starting points of Brisa Foundation are improvement of existence and participation. The foundation works towards this goal, by fulfilling an “informal” ambassador’s position, by evaluating government policy, actively participating in policy development as much as possible as a solicited and unsolicited advisor and also as a listening ear.

Brisa Foundation creates a platform for freedom of speech, network opportunities and also helps newcomers to find their way in society. Imagine you end up in a country where you do not master the language, with a culture and organizational structure that you do not know at all. You have no idea how the labor market or education system works. Your road to find your place will be very complicated. Brisa acknowledges that as a result of these cultural differences and obstacles in communication, part of the members of the Antillean and Aruban community cannot participate sufficiently in Dutch society. This shows an accumulation of problems: poverty, large (youth) unemployment, a large number of unregistered residents, youth care, school dropouts and unused talent on the labor market.

Brisa Foundation wants to change this by working together in solidarity, with a problem-solving attitude and with respect for both Antillean and Aruban, as well as European-Dutch culture and tradition. Together you build a good society. Together you achieve more. Union ta hasi forsa!

“We ensure that the social position of the Dutch Caribbean inhabitants is strengthened and that their self-reliance and resilience are increased.”

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